Non-electric warmth at the click of a disk

US Utility Patented Warming Technology

Warmth at the click of a disk

Warmilu is committed to the next generation of advanced warming technology and expanding its intellectual property portfolio. Warmilu’s advanced warming technology is protected by US Utility Patent 9,605,874.

We advocate innovation and partnerships to open up opportunities for licensing of our warming technology. Finally, Warmilu tackles next generation application development in custom R&D projects integrating our warming technology.

Our InstaWarmer heat pack uses phase-change materials combined with a thermal buffer to generate long-lasting and safe warmth. Our pack works like a thermal battery, storing heat from boiling or autoclaving. It can be activated at anytime by simply clicking the disk located in the corner of the pack. Once activated you can see warmth spreading throughout the pack, and it can be used immediately.


Temperature regulated so that it doesn't burn or overheat even the most vulnerable patients


Warmth lasts 4-6 hours

USA Made

All products made in the US with US made materials


Our InstaWarmer can be used up to 100 times

Resetting Your InstaWarmer

Our packs can be used up to 100 times

The InstaWarmer needs to be reset or recharged between uses by boiling or placing in an autoclave. To reset by boiling, simply fill a medium to large pot with enough water to cover and bring to a boil. Place your InstaWarmer into the boiling water for 20-40 minutes or until the material inside the pack is completely clear. Allow your pack to cool to room temperature on a flat surface.

You can now store the pack for up to 1 year or until you need warmth. When you are ready to begin generating heat, simply click the metal disk in the corner and you will feel warmth spreading through the pack immediately. This cycle can be reused up to 100 times, so a single pack can generate 600 hours of warmth over its lifespan.