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Every infant should have all the right equipment at birth to have the best chance for life. Over one million infants die from hypothermia around the globe. Let's empower doctors and nurses in resource scarce settings with non-electric, long-lasting warmth for babies. Warmilu is the only manufacturer of non-electric, instant, US FDA cleared, and reusable heating packs and infant warming blankets.

Warmilu is currently serving in 35 hospitals in 75 countries and on the way to saving over 10,000 infants in resource-scarce settings!

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Meet the InstaWarmer

Our patented heating pack, developed by materials science engineers

Warmilu is a non-electric warming technology company, specializing in manufacturing the InstaWarmer. The InstaWarmer is a safe, reusable and durable heat pack that generates safely regulated warmth in seconds.  With the simple click of the activator disk, the pack begins to warm up, and stays warm for 4-6 hours when used by itself and 5-8 hours when used in conjunction with one of our insulator products. Our technology is US utility patented, and has been validated as a means of safe temperature regulation in our 2013 clinical trial. The Adult InstaWarmer is cleared by the FDA.


Our InstaWarmers are made completely in the United States from US materials at our production facility in Ann Arbor, MI. We ensure the highest quality standards by purchasing raw materials from ISO certified manufacturers, and keeping our production in-house. This allows us to ensure each InstaWarmer pack will perform exactly as it should.

Our Warming Solutions

From the NICU to the outdoors, we have the warming solution to fit your needs.

Medical warming solutions for use with infants

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Because our warming technology is safe, non-electric, and reusable it is the perfect fit for many applications including both medical and retail. Explore some of the current uses of our technology, or contact us to learn more about how our warming technology could enhance your products.

Our Mission

Spreading the warmth to save lives

The Problem

Lack of warmth is a huge problem experienced by many populations across the globe. At Warmilu, we decided to focus on premature infants because our CEO Grace Hsia was born 4 weeks premature and was kept alive by the warmth of an electric incubator. Unfortunately, not all babies are so lucky.

Over 1 million premature infants die annually due to hypothermia-related causes in resource scarce settings. Most of these fatalities are due to a lack of basic access to electric incubators and other life-saving sources of warmth.

The Solution

That drive to keep our most vulnerable infant patients warm was the starting point for Warmilu, leading our team to develop our warming technology. We created the IncuBlanket, which uses our phase-change technology to generate non-electric, regulated (safe), and long-lasting warmth. The IncuBlanket was specifically-designed to thermoregulate infants who are at risk of becoming hypothermic and serves as an alternative traditional incubator, a transport incubator, and/or as a supplement to kangaroo mother care. This system consists of our blanket that has been specially designed to accommodate a premature infant, and our InstaWarmer heat pack. The InstaWarmer pack can be activated instantly with the click of a disk, and reused up to 100 times.

Work in Kenya

Partnership with RFA

Warmilu is partnered with Relief for Africa (RFA), a non-profit focusing on providing medical relief to impoverished communities in the Horn of Africa. Our work with RFA has allowed us to bring life-saving warmth to hospitals and clinics in Africa.

Partnership with Maternova

Maternova is a women’s health solutions company that is revolutionizing access to trusted innovations. Their product lines features low-cost rugged solutions to problems in infant and maternal health. They sell the Warmilu IncuBlanket and InstaWarmer through there online retail store at https://maternova.net/

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