Our Mission

Spread the warmth. Save lives.

Warmilu is on a mission to spread warmth to save lives.

We use our heating technology to help prevent hypothermia in vulnerable populations around the globe.

The Problem

Lack of warmth is a huge problem experienced by many populations across the globe. At Warmilu, we decided to focus on premature infants because our CEO Grace Hsia was born 4 weeks premature and was kept alive by the warmth of an electric incubator. Unfortunately, not all babies are so lucky.

1.5 million premature infants die annually due to hypothermia-related causes in resource scarce settings. Most of these fatalities are due to a lack of basic access to electric incubators and other life-saving sources of warmth.

The Solution

That drive to keep our most vulnerable infant patients warm was the starting point for Warmilu, leading our team to develop our warming technology. We created the IncuBlanket, which uses our phase-change technology to generate non-electric, regulated (safe), and long-lasting warmth. The IncuBlanket was specifically-designed to thermoregulate infants who are at risk of becoming hypothermic and serves as an alternative traditional incubator, a transport incubator, and/or as a supplement to kangaroo mother care. This system consists of our blanket that has been specially designed to accommodate a premature infant, and our InstaWarmer heat pack. The InstaWarmer pack can be activated instantly with the click of a disk, and reused up to 100 times.