Midwife Warming Solutions

Helping midwives help infants and laboring mothers around the globe

The Warmilu IncuBlanket

Simple and tested, our IncuBlanket can help midwives and doulas with your infant thermal management needs and laboring mother pain management needs. We have served midwifery groups including BSD Midwifery, 3 Sisters Midwifery, Birthing Hands Midwifery, and Mercy in Action. We help midwives and doulas in two ways using 1) our infant warming blankets for hypothermia management in transport and 2) our FDA-cleared adult warming packs for maternal non-invasive non-medicated pain management during labor and delivery. Count on Warmilu to be there to help you with your home and clinic deliveries and transport of infants to hospitals.

Proven Non-Electric Instant Warmth in Home and Clinical Setting

The IncuBlanket is helping midwives warm infants and mothers now in the home and clinical setting. The warming pack provides warmth with the click of the disk that is safe and limited by our US-patented thermal buffer. Reset them non-electrically through boiling or autoclave.

Lasting Thermal Management

Maintains the temperature of preterm infants for 5-8 hours. The IncuBlanket is currently being engineered to last for 8+ hours.

Engineered with Non-Toxic Materials for your Infant Transport, Infant Warming and Maternal Warming Needs

Warmilu designed and engineered the warming packs with preterm infants in mind. This led the team to select all non-toxic and food grade materials for the core technology powering the IncuBlanket.

Validated in Clinical Trials

During pilot clinical trials in Bangalore India at KIMS Hospital in 2013, we successfully maintained the temperature of 20 preterm infants for 3.5 – 5 hours.

Spread warmth. Save lives.

Millions of infants are born premature each year and need consistent, safe warmth to allow them to grow and develop.

At Warmilu we know that there are many areas around the world where premature infants will not have access to electricity or traditional incubators. That is why we created the IncuBlanket. The IncuBlanket is a portable incubators system that is powered by the non-electric warmth of our InstaWarmer pack. Our blanket is used in hospitals and clinics as a supplement to kangaroo mother care, as an emergency incubator, or for infant transport.

Warming Babies with Inspiring Midwifery Partners

At Warmilu, we are there for our midwives. We help you warm babies in transport.


Life Saving

Hypothermia is a leading cause of infant death around the world.

Long-Lasting Warmth

Warmilu’s warming packs provide warmth to infants for 3-6 hours. In combination with our IncuBlanket, they can prevent and manage infant hypothermia.

Safe and regulated Warmth

The core technology in the packs for the IncuBlanket are engineered to provide controlled and safe warmth for hours to manage infant hypothermia.

Our Distributors

If you would like to place an order for IncuBlankets please contact the distributor for your region.

Warmilu works with medical device distributors to bring our IncuBlanket product to the areas that need it most. If you are interested in ordering IncuBlankets, please contact Warmilu directly if you are located in North America, or if you do not have a distributor listed for your region. Otherwise, please contact the distributor that serves your local region. (Flash must be enabled to view distributor map)

Providing medical relief to the Horn of Africa Region

Providing solutions to save lives of women and children

Help us Spread Warmth to Save Lives

Every purchase of a Warmilu product helps us send more warming blankets to resource scarce settings

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