Spread the warmth. From our adventure to yours.

Sewing infant warming blankets taught our team learn how to custom sew multi-layered, complex fabric products. We celebrate our roots! Today, we have expanded our sewing team, our sewing volume, and the types of products we are able to sew.


Warmilu’s team has roots in sewing in addition to materials science engineering. Our team has decades of experience in designing, cutting, and sewing premium, multi-layered fabric and other soft products. We cut and sew our products in-house in the USA, right here in Ann Arbor MI.

Why do our customers choose Warmilu?

We work together with our partners to open up sewing opportunities beyond baby warming. Our US sewing team has expanded as we find ourselves handling higher volumes of sewing. Finally, we love taking on new and advanced custom projects. Heavy-duty, high-tech fabric, and advanced engineering specification sewing projects are our niche.