Soothing Warmth

Our warmth to soothes the aches of life. The InstaWarmer stays warm hours longer than then microwavable rice bags, and you can use it at least 100 times.


With our InstaWarmer pack you never need to worry about the safety issues or costs associated with batteries. Our packs are completely non-electric.


Our pack will keep you warm for 3-6 hours during your event.

Non-Toxic Materials

Warmilu designed and engineered the InstaWarmer packs from all food or medical grade materials. No need to worry about harmful or dangerous chemicals.

US Made

Our InstaWarmer is made in the USA at our production facility in Ann Arbor, MI from all US materials.

Safe to Fall Asleep On

Our pack is safe to fall asleep on! Those with nerve damage, diabetes, or other inability to feel heat can fall asleep safely on our warming pack. No burns like electric heaters.

Help us Spread Warmth to Save Lives

Every purchase of a Warmilu product helps us send more warming blankets to resource scarce settings