Outdoors WarmCush

Spread the warmth. From our adventure to yours.


The OUTDOORS WarmCush keeps hunters, fishers, and campers warm as they hunker down in chilly forests, marshes, fields, beaches, boats, and lakes. This rugged cushion is made out of CORDURA® and heated by our odorless, non-electric, instant, reusable, US-patented warming pack that generates warmth for 4-6 hours. The pack is reusable up to 100 times and made from nontoxic, food-grade materials.


The InstaWarmer warming pack is a thermal battery that warms for at least 4-6 hours outdoors, longer under clothing or in a fabric sleeve. Reusable at least 100 times simply by boiling. Warms instantly without any electricity, wires, or batteries with US-patented materials science engineered composition. Has a strap to allow hunters and fishers to conveniently carry the cushion and pack across the body or over a shoulder. Great for keeping warm and staying outdoors to shoot waterfowl, hunt big game from the deer blind, camp and bivouac in the cold, and ice fish.

Completely odorless. Completely silent.

Colors: Mossy Oak Camouflage, Black, Green, Hunter Orange, Gray


With our InstaWarmer pack you never need to worry about the safety issues or costs associated with batteries. Our packs are completely non-electric for ultimate portability off-grid.


Our pack will keep you warm for 4-6 hours as you hunt or fish.

Strong, Rugged Materials

WarmCush Hunting Seat Cushion has a strong, rugged exterior made from heavy-duty fabric. Can withstand 1,000 lbs of weight.

Non-Toxic Materials

InstaWarmer packs made from all food or medical grade materials.

USA Made

WarmCush and InstaWarmer made by Warmilu in the USA from USA made materials.

Help us Spread Warmth to Save Lives

Every purchase of a Warmilu product helps us send more warming blankets to resource scarce settings