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The Warmilu Team

Driven by their own life experience the engineers and designers of Warmilu recognized the need for a life sustaining source of warmth that does not require electricity.  Warmilu is a technology that brings hours of lasting warmth to those in need.

Grace Hsia

CEO and Co-Founder

Grace is a problem solver. She connects Warmilu to the right people to build strategy and infrastructure to share warmth. Having been born preterm, le [...]

Alex Chen


Alex Weidong Chen is an optimization problem specialist, using mathematical modeling with linear/stochastic/dynamic programming to improve systems. He [...]

Angie Miller

Global Business Development Manager

Angie Miller is our global business development manager at Warmilu. When she is not at Warmillu, Angie works on public health and global h [...]

Fred Brown


Fred Brown developed and launched 25 major pharmaceutical products, 13 diagnostics, and 6 vaccines to save 5.6 million lives annually. Fre [...]

Rachael Brittain

Head Seamstress

Rachael Brittain manages, designs, patterns, and oversees Warmilu's fabric products manufacturing. She has over 20 years of expertise in children's cl [...]

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