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A new generation of warming

This page is about Warmilu, our history of warming innovation, and how we are spreading warmth to save lives.

This page is about Warmilu, our history of warming innovation, and how we are spreading warmth to save lives.

Warmilu makes self-heating incubator blankets for all babies.

Warmilu is a global non-electric warming technology manufacturing company. Warmilu manufactures US patent-protected warming technology able to generate warmth with the press of a disk that lasts for hours and can be reused. Their warming technology is integrated into various applications including IncuBlankets, alternative infant incubators for resource scarce settings; stadium seat cushions for keeping fans warm in football stadiums; and outdoor recreation. Warmilu is there when you need warmth the most. #spreadthewarmth #savelives

We are at our core a materials science engineering company on a mission to save lives. We perform multi-material joining in our facility using high frequency welding of high temperature resistant and chemical resistant soft film materials including 100% polyurethanes, 100% nylon, 100% polyester, and a 75% vinyl (proprietary formulation)/25% polyester materials.

Our Vision

We use our technology to bring people warmth when they need it. We manufacture high-quality warming packs in Ann Arbor, MI with US made materials that are safe and regulated so they can be used even with the most sensitive and vulnerable patients.

Our long-term goal is to prevent deaths from hypothermia and hypothermia related causes across the globe and be the world’s premier non-electric warming technology company.

Where We Are Serving

Warmilu is a global company committed to saving lives across the world. Here is where we are currently deployed!

Our Partners


What does Warmilu mean?

Warmilu in true collaborative spirit was named by Professor Jason Daida. He inspired co-founder Grace Hsia to follow her heart and pursue engineering. Years later, when the team was seeking a name, he suggested “Warmilu.” When Grace asked what Warmilu meant, he responded:

“Parents and caretakers love their premature infants; unfortunately, love is not enough to save their lives. Warmilu’s warmth then becomes a physical embodiment of that love. So Warmilu means “Warm – I love you.”

Though Professor Jason Daida passed away 2 months later from cancer, his engineering and entrepreneurial spirit lives on in Warmilu’s name.


Our production facility in Ann Arbor, MI

All Warmilu products are made in Ann Arbor MI in our 2,041 sq. ft. production space (8186 Jackson Road Suite C, Ann Arbor, MI 48103). We house all the equipment we need to prep and process all the raw materials used to make all IncuBlankets and InstaWarmers in Michigan. We use all US made materials and do all of the manufacturing and assembly. Our passion to give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystem means that we frequently give tours onsite and welcome community members, organizations, students, nonprofits, and budding entrepreneurs to sublease space and visit to jumpstart their ideation, validation, custom R&D, and production.

Current and Former Sublessees

LiquidGoldConcept manufactures Lactation Simulation Models for universities, doctors, nurses, and lactation specialists around the world. These LSMs are deal for prenatal and postpartum lactation classes, WIC staff training, and nursing and medical student lactation education. They currently manufacture two types of LSMs including the Essential LSM and Advanced LSM.  The LiquidGoldConcept team has seen on the ground in Brazil and beyond how breastfeeding support and proper training can alleviate the most common breastfeeding problems—like engorgement and plugged ducts—with diverse breast massage and hand expression techniques. CEO Anna in medical school and her CTO Jeff Plott saw the value of learning how to perform exams, procedures, and techniques using medical simulation and standardized patients. These hands-on, interactive approaches to learning sensitive physical exams, like the pelvic, are key to bolstering a student’s confidence in his or her own performance and ability. The LiquidGoldConcept team realized how valuable it would be to have a comprehensive hands-on training tool—a Lactation Simulation Model (LSM)—for parents and health providers to learn how to manage, prevent, or improve breast and breastfeeding-related problems. LiquidGoldConcept produces LSMs in the Warmilu facility. To learn more or reach out to LiquidGoldConcept, please go to: https://liquidgoldconcept.com/.

What our customers are saying

  • I agree with everyone else that the product is a very good one. Actually it’s something whose time has come. What I like about it is that we first identified a key problem which we all agree is a major challenge among the preterms and newborns and then the product offers a solution directly which aims to solve the problem.
    Dr Ademi Phinehas Ahoya Pediatrician, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
  • The product is good. It is cost effective. And we can use money to buy more incubators and several babies would benefit. So to me the Warmilu IncuBlanket is a good product.
    Susan Njenga Nurse, Kiambu District Hospital, Limuru Kenya & member of the Kenyan Paediatric Association
  • Warmilu’s IncuBlanket is quite innovative and very timely.
    Bernard Mureka Chief Officer - Health in Bungoma County, Kenya