Case Studies

Helping premature infants in transport.

The Warmilu IncuBlanket Uganda Hospital Case Study

Simple and tested in the field, our Wipable IncuBlanket was used in a Kampala, Uganda hospital by Vital Health Africa. Wipable IncuBlanket used on every 2-6 infants transported per hour to the hospital.

Proven Non-Electric Recharge in Clinical Setting

The IncuBlanket was used successfully on infants in a controlled hospital setting. The warming pack was successfully recharged non-electrically through autoclave and boiling by nurses and the doctors Dr. Lawrence Fordjour, Dr. Leah Hodor, and Dr. Patrick Baingana.

Lasting Thermal Management

Maintains the temperature of preterm infants. Eliminated all incidence of transport hypothermia and significantly reduced respiratory distress. The infants have been admitted in flight transport and ground transport to the hospital between 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius. Blankets have also successfully maintained temperatures in intrahospital transport. Labor and Delivery is on the third floor, the NICU is on the ground floor.

Engineered with Non-Toxic Materials

Warmilu designed and engineered the warming packs with preterm infants in mind. This led the team to select all non-toxic and food grade materials for the core technology powering the IncuBlanket.

Validated in Clinical Hospital Transport Use

Every single infant (2-6 admitted by transport per hour) to this hospital have demonstrated healthy normothermia upon admission. Our infant warming blanket has become a part of the transport and admissions protocol and workflow.

Proven Versatility in Clinical Setting

The IncuBlanket was used to generate warmth instantly (5-8 hours) upon the click of a disk. In addition, if there were a large number of transports and the autoclave was not available for reprocessing, the doctors and nurses created a separate warming workflow – pouring hot water over the pack for 15 minutes enabled the pack to hold onto heat for 2 hours to safely warm transport infants.

Spread warmth. Save lives.

Millions of infants are born premature each year and need consistent, safe warmth to allow them to grow and develop.

At Warmilu we know that there are many areas around the world where premature infants will not have access to electricity or traditional incubators. That is why we created the IncuBlanket. The IncuBlanket is a portable incubators system that is powered by the non-electric warmth of our InstaWarmer pack. Our blanket is used in hospitals and clinics as a supplement to kangaroo mother care, as an emergency incubator, or for infant transport.

Life Saving

Hypothermia is a leading cause of infant death around the world.

Long-Lasting Warmth

Warmilu’s warming packs provide warmth to infants for 5-8 hours. In combination with our IncuBlanket, they can prevent and manage infant hypothermia.

Safe and regulated Warmth

The core technology in the packs for the IncuBlanket are engineered to provide controlled and safe warmth for hours to manage infant hypothermia.

Our Distributors

If you would like to place an order for IncuBlankets please contact the distributor for your region.

Warmilu works with medical device distributors to bring our IncuBlanket product to the areas that need it most. If you are interested in ordering IncuBlankets, please contact Warmilu directly if you are located in North America, or if you do not have a distributor listed for your region. Otherwise, please contact the distributor that serves your local region. (Flash must be enabled to view distributor map)

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